Best Cat Tree for Maine Coon

Best Cat Tree for Maine Coon

Every cat lover understands the importance of providing the best for their feline friend. But when it comes to the magnificent Maine Coon, a larger breed of domestic cat renowned for its size and grandeur, it’s crucial to find the right cat tree that caters to their unique needs. That’s why we’re helping you navigate the vast sea of cat furniture options to pinpoint the best cat tree for Maine Coon cats.

The Maine Coon, often referred to as the “gentle giant” of the cat world, requires a sturdy cat tree that can accommodate their size, provide enough room for play, and offer a safe space to retreat. They are one of the largest domesticated cat breeds, hence their cat trees should be built to support their weight and height, and also offer the endless fun they crave.

Whether you’re a new Maine Coon owner, or an experienced one seeking to upgrade your cat’s existing play area, our in-depth guide will steer you towards making the perfect choice. So, let’s take a closer look at the top picks, the best overall cat tree, the cat tree king, and the ones perfect for small spaces or for those with a keen eye on home decor. Let the adventure begin!


Understanding Maine Coons

Maine Coon cats, often simply referred to as “big cats” or “large cats,” are indeed large! As one of the largest breeds of domestic cats, Maine Coons boast an impressive size that sets them apart from the rest. They are fondly called the “gentle giants” in the cat world due to their large size and docile temperament.

But their size isn’t the only thing that’s impressive about them. These cats have a unique love for high places, and they are known for their dexterity in navigating different levels, making a multi-level cat tree the perfect play area. Furthermore, they have large, sharp claws that need frequent scratching posts for optimal health and well-being.

Maine Coon owners need to keep in mind that a normal cat tree might not be the best option for these larger cats. The cat furniture you choose should have a sturdy base, enough space for the cat to move around, and high-quality material that can withstand their weight and activity levels. Understanding these needs is the first step towards finding the best cat tree for Maine Coon cats.


Large Cats

With some individuals reaching up to 18 pounds, Maine Coons, alongside Savannah cats, are among the largest domestic cat breeds. They have a sturdy, muscular build and long, bushy tails, giving them a majestic look that only adds to their appeal.

Given their larger size, these cats require cat furniture designed to support their weight. A cat tree, for instance, must have a sturdy base and be made from high-quality materials. It should also be wide enough and tall enough to cater to a Maine Coon’s love for climbing and observing the world from a height.

Choosing the right cat tree for large breeds can be a bit daunting due to the sheer number of options available. The key lies in finding a tree that combines the necessary strength and stability with the fun features your Maine Coon loves. Whether it’s a roomy condo, a top perch, or different levels for endless fun, the ideal cat tree for your large feline friend is out there.


Maine Coon Cats

It’s not just their size that sets Maine Coon cats apart. Known for their sociable, gentle nature, these large breeds are beloved by cat owners worldwide. They are playful and intelligent, making a multi-level cat tree a must-have to keep their minds stimulated and bodies exercised.

Their fluffy fur coat, which can come in different colors, requires regular grooming. Providing them with a scratching post, made of natural sisal rope, not only caters to their instinctual need to scratch but also helps in managing their fur and claws.

Although the Maine Coon is a sturdy breed, they appreciate having a safe place to retreat. A cat tree with a roomy condo or a secluded perch is an excellent choice for these gentle giants. This feature provides them with a safe space where they can enjoy their own space and watch over their domain.

In short, the best cat tree for a Maine Coon should cater to their size, be robust and sturdy, and provide plenty of opportunities for play and rest. If you’re a Maine Coon cat owner, your choice of cat tree should reflect your furry friend’s unique needs and personality.


Large Breeds

Maine Coons are part of a unique group of cats fondly referred to as large breeds. These breeds, which include the Savannah cat and the Norwegian Forest Cat, are known for their impressive size and require specialized care to cater to their unique needs.

For pet owners of these large breeds, finding the right cat tree is crucial. The tree should be made of high-quality materials like solid wood or real wood to ensure it can comfortably support the cat’s weight. Also, given these breeds’ love for high places, the tree should have multiple levels and high perches for them to enjoy.

It’s equally important to ensure that the cat tree is roomy enough for your large cat. This includes a large condo where they can retreat and enough room to navigate the different levels of the tree. A good cat tree for large breeds should also have several scratching posts, preferably wrapped in natural sisal rope, to satisfy their instinctual need to scratch and stretch.

Understanding the unique needs of large breeds is the first step towards finding the best cat tree for them. Whether you’re a Maine Coon owner or a lover of other large breeds, our guide will help you identify the perfect cat tree for your fluffy friend.


Significant Factors in Choosing the Cat Tree

Choosing the best cat tree for your Maine Coon or any large breed cat involves more than just considering their size. Here are some key factors you should bear in mind:

Sturdiness and Material

A sturdy cat tree made from high-quality material is crucial for the safety and longevity of the product. Solid wood, real wood, and sturdy bases provide additional support for larger cats. Consider a cat tree made from these materials as they are built to last and can withstand the weight and activity of a large Maine Coon.

Size and Space

The cat tree should be tall and roomy enough to cater to your Maine Coon’s size and playful nature. Make sure it offers enough space for them to move around and explore without feeling cramped. Remember, they love high places, so ensure the tree’s overall size is suitable for their climbing needs.

Fun Features

Consider a multi-level cat tree with a variety of fun features like different levels, scratching posts, and a top perch. Maine Coons, in particular, enjoy having multiple levels to climb and observe their surroundings. Also, a scratching post wrapped in natural sisal rope is a great way to keep their claws in check.

Comfort and Privacy

Maine Coons and other large breeds also love having their own space where they can relax and retreat. A cat tree with a roomy condo provides the perfect place for them to have some privacy when they need it.

Home Decor Compatibility

While the cat’s needs are paramount, it’s also worth considering how the cat tree fits into your home decor. Many modern designs are available in different colors, and some even blend seamlessly with your living room or other areas of your home.

By considering these factors, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect cat tree for your Maine Coon or any other large breed cat.

Large Size

The size of the cat tree plays a significant role when choosing the perfect one for your Maine Coon or any large breed cat. A large cat tree offers sufficient space for your feline friend to move around and explore, providing the endless fun they need.

Maine Coons, Savannah cats, and other large breed cats are well-known for their love of climbing and observing their surroundings from a vantage point. Hence, the height of the cat tree is equally important. The best cat trees for these breeds often feature multiple levels and a top perch to satisfy their instinctual needs.

Furthermore, larger cat trees usually come with more amenities, such as roomy condos and multiple scratching posts, which are essential for the well-being of your cat. So, when picking a cat tree for your Maine Coon or other large breed cats, make sure it’s large enough to accommodate them comfortably, ensuring a happier and healthier life for your furry friend.


Sturdiness is a crucial factor when selecting a cat tree, particularly for Maine Coons and other large breeds. These “gentle giants” require a robust and solid structure that can comfortably support their weight and activity levels. A cat tree that wobbles or tips over can be a safety hazard for your feline friend.

The best cat trees for large cats come with a sturdy base that provides the necessary stability, preventing the structure from toppling over during vigorous play. The materials used in the construction of the cat tree also contribute significantly to its sturdiness. High-quality materials, such as solid wood or real wood, are commonly used in cat trees designed for larger cats.

Moreover, additional support features, such as reinforced posts, add to the overall sturdiness of the cat tree, ensuring it stands up to the demands of your Maine Coon’s playful antics. The last thing any pet owner wants is their feline friend getting injured, so it’s worth investing in a sturdy cat tree that offers both safety and longevity.

Different Levels

Different levels in a cat tree play a critical role in satisfying a cat’s innate love for climbing and exploring. This feature is particularly important for Maine Coons and other large breeds that cherish the opportunity to survey their domain from a vantage point. It offers them a perfect place for exercise, play, and relaxation.

A multi-level cat tree is a great way to cater to these needs. It not only adds variety to your cat’s playtime but also helps to satisfy their curiosity. Each level provides a new place to explore and a new perspective to enjoy, thus ensuring endless fun for your furry friend.

Moreover, cat trees with different levels often come with additional features like perches and condos on various levels. These provide a cozy retreat for when your Maine Coon wants to take a break from their adventures. They also help to cater to their scratching needs, as most multi-level cat trees come equipped with scratch posts on different levels.

So, when choosing a cat tree for your Maine Coon or any large cat breed, consider one with different levels. It’ll serve as a playhouse, exercise equipment, and comfortable resting area, all rolled into one!


Additional Features for Maine Coons’ Needs

Maine Coon cats are known for their distinct personality traits and needs. To keep these large and playful cats happy and satisfied, look for a cat tree with the following additional features:

Scratching Posts

Scratching posts are more than just a fun feature for your feline friend – they play a vital role in maintaining their claw health. Natural sisal rope wrapped around the posts is a good choice as it mimics the texture of tree bark, providing a satisfying scratch for your cat and ensuring their claws stay sharp and healthy.

Roomy Condo

A roomy condo or a hideaway provides a safe space for your Maine Coon to relax and retreat when they want some alone time. It’s an essential feature for any good cat tree, especially for large cats that need a spacious area for their comfort.

High Perches

Perches provide the perfect place for your Maine Coon to observe their surroundings and satisfy their love for high places. Opt for a cat tree with a top perch, which will give them a panoramic view of their domain.

Large Base

A large base not only adds to the sturdiness of the cat tree but also provides more room for your Maine Coon to stretch and play. It’s an important feature that contributes to both the safety and enjoyment of your cat.

Overall, understanding your Maine Coon’s needs and preferences will help you choose the best cat tree that will keep them healthy, happy, and active.

Top Perch

One of the most enticing features for large cats, especially Maine Coons, is the top perch. This vantage point offers your feline friend an opportunity to indulge in their natural instinct to observe their surroundings from a high place. It also provides them with a sense of security, as it gives them a bird’s eye view of their territory.

When choosing a cat tree for your Maine Coon, ensure it includes a sturdy and comfortable top perch. Given their large size, the perch should be spacious enough for them to relax and nap, with a solid build to safely support their weight. This feature can often be a deal-maker when it comes to satisfying the natural instincts of your Maine Coon.

Additionally, the perch’s positioning on the cat tree matters. A top perch located at a good height is preferable, as it provides your Maine Coon with the elevation they crave. So, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect cat tree for your Maine Coon, a top perch is a feature you wouldn’t want to overlook.

Roomy Condo

A roomy condo in a cat tree is a cherished feature for Maine Coons and other large breed cats. Offering a private retreat for your feline friend, a condo provides a safe place where they can nap, relax, or simply observe their surroundings in peace. For Maine Coons, who are larger than most cats, a spacious condo is not just desirable – it’s a necessity.

While choosing a cat tree, look for one that includes a roomy condo designed to accommodate the size of your Maine Coon. This should provide enough space for them to stretch out comfortably, serving as their personal sanctuary. Additionally, ensure that the condo is well-constructed and sturdy enough to support your cat’s weight.

Furthermore, the condo’s placement in the cat tree is another aspect to consider. Some cats may prefer a lower, more secluded spot, while others may enjoy a condo placed at a higher level, enabling them to keep an eye on their surroundings. Depending on your cat’s preference, select a cat tree with a well-placed and roomy condo for your Maine Coon’s maximum comfort and enjoyment.

Scratching Posts

Scratching posts are an integral part of any good cat tree, especially for Maine Coons. These large cats love to stretch and scratch, a natural behavior that helps them shed the outer layer of their claws, mark their territory, and stretch their muscles. A cat tree equipped with multiple scratch posts allows your Maine Coon to indulge in this instinctive behavior comfortably and safely.

When choosing a cat tree, look for one with scratching posts covered in high-quality material, such as natural sisal rope. Sisal is durable, offers a satisfying texture for scratching, and can withstand the strength of a Maine Coon’s claws. Besides, having several scratch posts at different levels of the cat tree will encourage more physical activity and reduce potential boredom.

So, if you want to keep your Maine Coon’s claws healthy and your home furniture safe, a cat tree with multiple sisal-wrapped scratching posts should be at the top of your checklist.


Materials and Fabric Choices

When it comes to the best cat trees for Maine Coons, the material and fabric choices are of prime importance. These not only contribute to the durability and stability of the cat tree but also impact your cat’s comfort and enjoyment. Here are some essential factors to consider:

Solid Wood and Real Wood

Solid wood or real wood cat trees are often the best options for Maine Coon cats. They offer excellent durability and are capable of withstanding the weight and activity of larger breeds. The sturdiness and resilience of solid wood make it a perfect material for the base and the posts of the cat tree.

Faux Fur and Plush Fabric

Faux fur and plush fabric are common materials used in cat trees. These soft materials offer a comfortable and inviting environment for your Maine Coon to lounge, sleep, and play. Furthermore, they add a touch of warmth and coziness to the cat tree, making it an enticing place for your furry friend to spend their time.

Natural Sisal Rope

Natural sisal rope is an excellent material for the scratching posts. It’s robust, offers a satisfying texture for scratching, and stands up to the strength of your Maine Coon’s claws. In addition, the use of sisal rope adds a natural touch to the cat tree, which can enhance its appeal to your feline friend.

Ultimately, choosing a cat tree with high-quality materials and fabrics not only ensures a long-lasting product but also provides a safe and enjoyable space for your Maine Coon.

Real Wood

Real wood cat trees are an excellent choice for Maine Coon owners. Known for their durability, strength, and longevity, they can easily accommodate the size and weight of this large breed. They are also exceptionally sturdy, which is vital for maintaining stability even during your Maine Coon’s most energetic moments.

Additionally, real wood has a natural aesthetic that can complement your home decor. Whether your living room has a modern design or a classic feel, a real wood cat tree can make a great addition to your space. It is not only functional cat furniture but also a stylish element that seamlessly blends with your home’s style.

When selecting a real wood cat tree, it’s essential to ensure it has been treated and finished properly to prevent splintering, which could harm your Maine Coon. Ultimately, while real wood cat trees might be more costly than other materials, their durability, aesthetic appeal, and the satisfaction they provide your Maine Coon make them a worthwhile investment.

Faux Fur

Faux fur is a common material used in cat trees, renowned for providing a soft, cozy, and warm environment for your feline friend. For Maine Coons, who enjoy their leisure time as much as their playtime, a cat tree covered in plush faux fur offers a comfortable retreat for napping, lounging, or simply watching over their territory.

One of the benefits of faux fur is its luxurious feel. It adds an element of comfort that cats love, making the cat tree a more enticing place to spend their time. In addition to comfort, faux fur can provide an extra layer of insulation during colder months, making it a great choice for keeping your Maine Coon warm and cozy.

Furthermore, faux fur can be easily cleaned and maintained, making it a practical choice for pet owners. It’s worth noting that while faux fur adds a touch of luxury to your cat tree, it’s important to ensure the underlying materials of the tree — like the base and posts — are durable and sturdy enough to support your Maine Coon’s weight and activity level.

Plush Fabric

Plush fabric is a popular choice for cat trees, and for a good reason. Its soft texture offers a comfortable surface that your Maine Coon can lounge on, ensuring they enjoy their time spent on the cat tree.

The luxurious feel of plush fabric makes it a perfect place for your cat to sleep, relax, or simply watch the world go by. It’s warm and inviting, making it an ideal material for perches, condos, and hammocks. Your feline friend will love the cozy comfort that a plush-covered cat tree offers.

In addition, plush fabric is typically easy to clean. You can usually spot clean it with a damp cloth, making it a convenient option for keeping your cat’s space tidy. However, it’s important to ensure that the plush fabric is high quality to withstand your Maine Coon’s activities and the test of time. Always opt for a cat tree that pairs this luxurious material with a sturdy and stable construction.


Top Cat Trees for Maine Coons

With a clear understanding of what to look for in a cat tree for your Maine Coon, it’s time to take a closer look at some of the top picks available. These options combine size, sturdiness, different levels, and the right materials to create the perfect playground for your gentle giant.

The Prestige Cat Trees’ Maine Coon Cat Tower

Prestige Cat Trees’ Maine Coon Cat Tower stands out as one of the best cat trees for Maine Coons. With its solid wood construction, large size, and multiple levels, it offers plenty of space for your Maine Coon to play and relax. The top perches and roomy condo, covered in plush fabric, provide a cozy spot for your cat to retreat, while the sisal-covered posts are perfect for scratching.

The Cat Tree King

The Cat Tree King is another excellent choice, especially for large Maine Coons. It’s well-built with a sturdy base, has plenty of scratching posts, and boasts spacious perches and a roomy condo. The multiple levels encourage exploration and play, while the plush fabric covering adds an extra touch of comfort. This cat tree is a great option that can easily accommodate the size and weight of a Maine Coon.

The FEANDREA Large Cat Tree

The FEANDREA Large Cat Tree is a favorite among Maine Coon owners for its sturdy construction and roomy design. The multiple levels, large base, and well-placed condo and perches make it an ideal play area for your feline friend. The sisal posts are perfect for scratching, and the plush fabric ensures a cozy lounging experience. This cat tree combines functionality with style, making it a great addition to any living room.

Remember, choosing the best cat tree for your Maine Coon should be based on their size, activity level, and preferences. These top picks offer a starting point to find the perfect cat tree that will keep your furry friend happy, active, and comfortable.

Prestige Cat Trees

When it comes to the best cat tree for Maine Coons, Prestige Cat Trees are a top pick. Known for their exceptional craftsmanship and quality, these cat trees are designed specifically with large breeds like the Maine Coon in mind. Constructed from solid wood, they offer the sturdy base and structure necessary to support the weight and size of your Maine Coon.

The large size of these cat trees provides your Maine Coon with plenty of space to climb, play, and explore. The different levels encourage physical activity and offer a variety of vantage points to satisfy your cat’s instinctual love of high places. The roomy condos and perches are covered in soft and comfortable plush fabric, offering a cozy retreat for your feline friend to rest or watch over their territory.

Moreover, Prestige Cat Trees feature natural sisal rope-covered scratching posts strategically placed throughout the structure. These provide your Maine Coon with ample opportunities to keep their claws healthy and engage in their instinctual scratching behavior. With their durability, size, and thoughtful design, Prestige Cat Trees are undoubtedly a fantastic option for Maine Coon owners seeking the best for their fluffy companions.

Feandrea Cat Tree

The Feandrea Cat Tree is another excellent option for Maine Coon owners, known for its sturdy construction, multi-level design, and generous size. The solid wood structure provides the stability and durability required for your large cat’s adventures while the plush fabric ensures comfort for those well-deserved naps.

One standout feature of the Feandrea Cat Tree is its well-designed layout. The various levels offer plenty of space for your Maine Coon to climb and explore, satisfying their love for high places. The spacious condo provides a safe and cozy retreat, while the large top perches make the perfect observation points.

The scratching posts, wrapped in natural sisal rope, give your Maine Coon the perfect place to scratch and stretch, keeping their claws healthy and sharp. Moreover, the neutral light gray color of the Feandrea Cat Tree can blend effortlessly with your home decor, making it a practical and aesthetic choice for any living room.

Overall, the Feandrea Cat Tree is a great choice that meets the specific needs of your Maine Coon, providing them with endless fun, comfort, and safety.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree is a fantastic option for Maine Coon owners. It’s a multi-level cat tree that offers plenty of space for your large cat to roam, climb, and play. The structure is built with durable materials to accommodate the size and weight of your Maine Coon, ensuring that it stays stable during your cat’s active playtime.

One of the highlights of the Go Pet Club Cat Tree is the variety of features it offers. The multiple perches at different levels cater to your Maine Coon’s love for high places, providing them with several vantage points to observe their surroundings. Additionally, the roomy condos serve as a perfect place for your feline friend to curl up and relax after an energetic play session.

This cat tree also comes with numerous sisal-covered scratching posts that allow your Maine Coon to engage in natural scratching behavior. The faux fur covering adds a layer of softness and comfort that your cat will appreciate.

Furthermore, the Go Pet Club Cat Tree comes in different colors, allowing you to pick one that matches your home decor perfectly. With its functional design and quality construction, it’s an excellent choice for any Maine Coon owner.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree is another top pick that caters to the needs of your Maine Coon superbly. Known for its large size and sturdy construction, it’s a cat tree that can withstand the weight and energy of your gentle giant while providing the comfort and safety they need.

Designed with several different levels, the Go Pet Club Cat Tree ensures that your Maine Coon has plenty of space to climb and explore. The spacious perches and condos offer an ideal hideaway, allowing your cat to satisfy their natural instinct for climbing and their love for high places. Each perch and condo is covered in soft faux fur, providing a comfortable resting place for your Maine Coon.

One of the main features that set this cat tree apart is the numerous sisal posts it incorporates. These provide your Maine Coon with ample scratching surfaces, essential for their claw health and to satisfy their instinctual scratching behaviors.

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree also integrates with your home decor seamlessly. It is available in different colors, allowing you to pick one that fits your style best. In essence, it is not just a good cat tree; it is an excellent choice for your Maine Coon and an attractive addition to your living room.

Hey-Brother Cat Tree

One of the best options for your large Maine Coon is the Hey-Brother Cat Tree. It is specifically designed with larger cats in mind, ensuring that it can handle the weight and size of your Maine Coon while providing them with a fun, safe, and cozy environment to enjoy.

Hey-Brother Cat Tree features a sturdy, solid wood construction that guarantees stability and safety for your cat’s activities. The plush fabric covering offers a soft, comfortable surface for your Maine Coon to lounge and sleep, while the sisal-covered posts provide plenty of scratching opportunities to keep their claws in check.

With its multi-level design, the Hey-Brother Cat Tree gives your Maine Coon a variety of climbing and exploring opportunities. The roomy condo provides a perfect hideaway for your feline friend, and the large perches offer ideal spots for your cat to survey their territory. Each of these features are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of large cats, making it a great option for your Maine Coon.

Lastly, the Hey-Brother Cat Tree is easy to assemble and comes in a light gray color, making it a stylish addition to your home decor. This cat tree truly combines functionality and aesthetics, proving to be a great choice for Maine Coon owners.


Buyer’s Guide and Considerations

When looking for the best cat tree for your Maine Coon, there are several key factors to consider. Remember, this investment is not just about entertaining your feline friend, but also about their health, well-being, and comfort. Here are a few tips to guide you in making the best purchase.

Overall Size and Weight Limit

Size matters when buying a cat tree for Maine Coons. They are among the largest domestic cat breeds, so a cat tree needs to accommodate their size. Look for a cat tree with a large base for stability, and ensure it has a high weight limit to safely support your Maine Coon. The condo, perches, and platforms should be large enough for your Maine Coon to comfortably lie and play on.

Sturdiness and Durability

A cat tree needs to be sturdy and durable to withstand the activities of your Maine Coon. Look for one with a solid wood construction, a wide and stable base, and high-quality joinery. A sturdy cat tree not only lasts longer but also ensures the safety of your feline friend.

Levels and Features

Maine Coons are playful and curious, so choose a multi-level cat tree with lots of features to keep them entertained. Look for one with several perches, condos, and scratch posts. Each feature satisfies different aspects of your cat’s instincts and behaviors, providing a more enriching environment for them.


The materials used to construct and cover the cat tree are important too. Natural wood, high-quality sisal rope for the scratching posts, and soft, durable fabrics like plush or faux fur all contribute to the comfort and longevity of the cat tree.


Lastly, consider how the cat tree will fit into your home decor. It will be a noticeable part of your living space, so pick one in a color and style that matches your interior design.

With these considerations in mind, you’re well-prepared to choose the perfect cat tree for your Maine Coon. Always remember to prioritize their safety, comfort, and entertainment to keep your feline friend happy and healthy.

Weight Limit

Weight limit is an important consideration when buying a cat tree for a Maine Coon. Maine Coons are one of the largest domesticated cat breeds, often weighing between 10 and 25 pounds, though some can grow even larger. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a cat tree that can comfortably and safely support their weight.

Choosing a cat tree with a high weight limit ensures your cat’s safety and the durability of the tree itself. It will be more resistant to wear and tear, resulting in a longer lifespan for the cat tree and more endless fun for your furry friend. Remember, the last thing you want is a cat tree that can’t support your Maine Coon, resulting in potential injury or a wasted investment. So always check the weight limit before purchasing.

Replacement Parts

Over time, even the best cat trees may wear down due to your Maine Coon’s constant use. Scratching posts can fray, and plush fabric or faux fur may tear or lose its plushness. Hence, it’s beneficial to select a cat tree from a manufacturer that offers replacement parts.

Availability of replacement parts allows you to easily replace the worn-out sections rather than investing in a whole new cat tree. This not only saves you money but also reduces waste, making it a more sustainable option in the long run. Furthermore, it ensures your Maine Coon always has a well-maintained place to play, rest, and satisfy their scratching instincts.

So before making a purchase, take a closer look at the manufacturer’s customer service and their policy on replacement parts. This will ensure the longevity of your chosen cat tree, and keep your feline friend happy and entertained.

Home Decor Considerations

While the comfort, safety, and entertainment of your Maine Coon should be your top priority, it’s also important to consider how the cat tree will fit into your home decor. After all, a cat tree will likely be a prominent feature in your living space, and an eyesore can detract from the overall aesthetics of your home.

Consider the color and design of the cat tree. Most cat trees come in neutral colors like beige, brown, or gray, which tend to blend well with a variety of home decor styles. Some manufacturers offer options in different colors, allowing you to choose a shade that complements your interior design.

Another aspect to consider is the overall style of the cat tree. Some trees are more traditional, with a focus on multiple levels, condos, and scratching posts. Others have a more modern design that might better fit a contemporary home aesthetic. Consider your current home decor style before deciding on the right cat tree for your Maine Coon.

In conclusion, selecting a cat tree that matches your home decor helps maintain a cohesive look in your living space while providing a fun, safe place for your feline friend to relax and play. By balancing aesthetics and functionality, you can find a cat tree that your Maine Coon will love and that you’ll be happy to have in your home.


Size and Space Options

When selecting a cat tree for your Maine Coon, it’s important to consider the amount of space you have available in your home and the size of the cat tree. Your furry friend might be a big fan of large, multi-level cat trees with several features, but not every home can accommodate such sizable cat furniture.

Large Spaces

If you have a spacious living room or a dedicated area for your cat, you have the freedom to choose larger cat trees. These structures typically provide a variety of features such as roomy condos, multiple perches at different levels, and several scratching posts. A larger cat tree will allow your Maine Coon to fully engage their natural behaviors, such as climbing, scratching, hiding, and perching.

Small Spaces

For smaller homes or apartments, it might be more practical to opt for a smaller cat tree that’s more compact in design. Some manufacturers offer slim, tall cat trees that offer multiple levels and features without taking up too much floor space. Even in a smaller cat tree, ensure there are enough space and features to keep your Maine Coon entertained and comfortable, like a cozy condo, a high perch, and a few scratch posts.

Flexible Options

Some cat trees are designed with flexibility in mind, offering detachable parts or modules that can be rearranged or removed to suit your space. These can be a great option if your living situation is likely to change, or if you simply want the freedom to adjust the cat tree to better suit your Maine Coon’s preferences over time.

In conclusion, while choosing the best cat tree for your Maine Coon, always take your home size and space into consideration. Whether you have a vast living room or a cozy apartment, there’s a perfect cat tree out there for your gentle giant.

Small Spaces

If your living space is on the smaller side, don’t fret. There are still excellent cat tree options for your Maine Coon. Some cat trees are designed to be slim yet tall, providing your large breed cat with the elevation they love without taking up too much floor space.

In small spaces, look for cat trees with a vertical design that stretches upwards rather than outwards. These cat trees often feature compact bases with multiple levels stacked on top, providing the necessary features like perches, condos, and scratch posts within a smaller footprint.

Also, consider cat trees with wall-mounted or corner options. These designs cleverly utilize space by taking advantage of unused wall or corner areas, freeing up your floor space while still offering an exciting playground for your Maine Coon.

When selecting a cat tree for a small space, ensure it is still sturdy and durable. It should also provide enough room for your Maine Coon to comfortably relax and play. Choose a model with a sturdy base for stability and platforms large enough for your big cat to lounge.

Even in a smaller home or apartment, you can find the perfect cat tree to provide your Maine Coon with their own space for endless fun, rest, and satisfaction of their natural instincts.

Large Cat Trees

Large cat trees are the ideal choice for Maine Coons. These gentle giants need ample space to play, relax, and explore. Bigger cat trees are typically equipped with larger condos, more scratching posts, and multiple perches at varying heights, which all cater perfectly to the adventurous and playful nature of Maine Coons.

Large cat trees, often multi-level, offer a wide range of benefits for your Maine Coon. They cater to your cat’s instinct to climb and explore high places, provide a safe space for them to retreat and observe their surroundings, and keep them entertained with features such as dangling toys and tunnels. Moreover, large cat trees offer more room for multiple cats, making them a great option if you have more than one furry friend at home.

When looking at large cat trees, ensure that they are made of high-quality materials. Solid wood or thick pressed wood is a good choice for the structure, as it provides the stability needed for these big cats. The cat tree should have a sturdy base to prevent tipping over, especially when your Maine Coon leaps onto it.

While large cat trees are a great option for spacious homes, remember to measure your space before buying one. Keep in mind not only the floor area but also the height, especially if you have low ceilings or hanging light fixtures.

In conclusion, a large cat tree can be a great addition to your home, providing endless fun and comfort for your Maine Coon.


Feline Friends Compatibility

Whether you’re a proud parent of multiple Maine Coons or have a diverse family of different cat breeds, choosing a cat tree compatible with all your feline friends is essential. Maine Coons are typically friendly and sociable creatures, and they’ll likely enjoy sharing their space with other cats. However, there are few factors to consider when choosing a cat tree suitable for a multi-cat household.

Multiple Perches and Condos

When selecting a cat tree for a multi-cat home, it’s crucial to choose one that has multiple perches and condos. This ensures that each cat has its own space to rest, play, and observe its surroundings. Cats value their personal space and can become territorial, so having enough separate areas can help to prevent conflicts.


With multiple cats using the cat tree, the sturdiness and stability of the structure become even more critical. Ensure the cat tree you choose has a sturdy base and is made from high-quality, durable materials to withstand the weight and activity of multiple cats. For a house with multiple large breeds like Maine Coons or Savannah cats, a solid wood cat tree could be the best option.


If you have several cats, particularly larger breeds, you might need a bigger cat tree. More cats mean more weight and activity, so a larger, multi-level cat tree with various features would be the best choice. This gives your feline friends plenty of space to play, rest, and scratch without competing for the same spots.

In conclusion, choosing a cat tree that meets the needs of all your feline friends will ensure a harmonious household. It will provide each of your cats with their own space while also offering them opportunities for social interaction and play.

Older Cats

If you share your home with an older Maine Coon, there are specific considerations to keep in mind when choosing a cat tree. While senior cats may not be as spry as their younger counterparts, they still require mental stimulation and physical activity to keep them healthy and happy.

Consider cat trees with ramps or stairs to help your older cat move between different levels. As Maine Coons are large cats, ensure these ramps or stairs are wide and sturdy enough to support their weight.

Choose a cat tree with plenty of comfortable resting spots. These spots should be spacious and easy to access, allowing your older cat to relax without straining their joints. Look for perches or condos that are padded or lined with plush fabric or faux fur to provide extra comfort.

While older cats might not be as active as they once were, they still enjoy a good scratch. Therefore, cat trees with easily accessible scratching posts are a good choice. Sisal rope is a good cat-friendly material for scratch posts that can help to keep your older cat’s claws healthy.

Finally, make sure the cat tree is sturdy and stable. Older cats may have less balance than they once did, and a wobbly cat tree could pose a risk. A cat tree with a solid wood base and high-quality construction will provide the stability needed for your senior feline friend.

In conclusion, while older cats may have different needs than younger ones, they can still enjoy and benefit from the right cat tree. With careful consideration of their comfort, safety, and mobility, you can find the perfect cat tree for your senior Maine Coon.

Young Maine Coon Kittens

Choosing a cat tree for a young Maine Coon kitten is both an exciting and thoughtful process. Kittens are full of energy and curiosity, and a well-chosen cat tree can provide endless hours of fun while also aiding in their growth and development.

When selecting a cat tree for a Maine Coon kitten, it’s essential to consider their current size and the size they will grow into. Maine Coons are one of the largest domesticated cat breeds, and your kitten will grow quickly. A cat tree with adjustable features can grow with your kitten, accommodating their changing needs as they mature.

While kittens are agile and love to climb, they are also still developing their coordination. Opt for a cat tree with low and medium-height perches and condos. As your kitten grows and becomes more confident, you can introduce them to higher levels. A cat tree with a gradual increase in level heights would be a good choice.

Ensure the cat tree has plenty of interactive features to keep your kitten entertained and stimulated. Hanging toys, tunnels, and multiple scratching posts are excellent additions to spark your kitten’s curiosity and keep them active.

Always prioritize safety in a cat tree for kittens. Ensure the tree is sturdy and stable to withstand your kitten’s energetic play. Look for rounded corners and edges to prevent any injuries, and make sure all parts are securely attached to avoid any choking hazards.

In conclusion, a cat tree can be a wonderful investment for a young Maine Coon kitten, offering an engaging, safe, and stimulating environment that caters to their growth and developmental needs.



Finding the best cat tree for your Maine Coon cat is a significant investment in their well-being and happiness. These large cats require a sturdy, spacious, and well-designed cat tree that caters to their unique needs. Whether it’s providing different levels for climbing, a roomy condo for a well-deserved nap, or satisfying their instinct to scratch, the right cat tree can enhance the quality of life for your feline friend.

When choosing a cat tree, remember to consider essential factors like size, sturdiness, materials used, and features provided. Also, consider the needs of kittens, older cats, and multi-cat households if these apply to your situation.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you gain a better understanding of what to look for in a cat tree for your Maine Coon. With this knowledge, you’re now better equipped to make an informed decision and find the perfect cat tree that will bring joy and satisfaction to your Maine Coon for years to come.


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